Here is what some of our customers are saying about us.


Hi Audrey,

You are like the energizer bunny! 😉 Thank you for that & everything that you do so us Islanders can experience Ikea without the huge expense, much appreciated for your dedicated, organized service 😉


Sarah L.


Hi Audrey!
I just wanted to thank you again! You are amazing! I’m so happy to be able to get Ikea stuff here thanks to you! I was so thrilled that you even got the Hemnes on sale!!
Looking forward to ordering from you again! 
Gina R.
I have known Audrey personally for over ten years, and recently dealt with her on some very large orders that were part of a household renovation.  The timing was crucial, and Audrey delivered! She was professional, reliable, helpful (went above and beyond on all orders), and was able to get all the items we ordered.  She shows care for her work, and upon unloading, checks to make sure everything got purchased etc, and provides receipts.  This is not to mention that her prices are fair, and it is far nicer to deal with a local person than IKEA’s delivery system- it is more personal, and tailored to your needs.  What’s more, Audrey also knows the IKEA products and website well, which is helpful.  Ultimately, she is your go-to for this service.  You will be glad you hired her! 

Sophie S


Audrey Neri of Ferry Godmother Delivery is providing a very unique and reliable service. I have known Audrey for many years and have used her numerous times for pick ups and deliveries in Campbell River as well as Vancouver, both for personal items as well as for our winery. I find her prompt in answering my questions and she is conscientious, so I know my items will arrive in good shape. I highly recommend her business.

Sincerely yours,
Jill O


I was one of Audrey’s first business customers in 2010 and since then have been calling on her two to four times a month for mail runs, banking, shopping, and picking up items bought online.

Some of the tasks I ask Audrey to undertake are strange or complicated, even quite serious, yet I give no thought to her capabilities and trustworthiness, for her sense of responsibility is unsurpassable. 

Audrey also subscribes to confidentiality, and as she does my personal and financial errands, confidentiality is important.

Her communication is excellent, for she is quick to ask a question or use her own good judgement when I’ve been unclear with an instruction.

I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Mary L


I couldn’t be more impressed with the Ferry Godmother’s purchase and delivery service. I got all of the fun of getting great stuff from IKEA and none of the shopping hassles or ferry hell. Audrey has always responded right away to my queries, been totally on time with the delivery, and I thought her rate was quite reasonable. The icing on the cupcake: when one of my purchases didn’t work out the way I had envisioned, Audrey returned it for me. No hassle shopping!

Robyn M