ikea faq

How does your pricing work?      



$25 for an IKEA bag of marketplace items

$30 for the first piece of furniture and

$15 per subsequent pieces

$10 for small furniture boxes (eg. bedside table)

please note that the per piece of furniture pertains to each box  (a dresser is usually two boxes)

larger items like couches and mattresses are subject to individual quote based on size and weight.

minimum order is $15


Why can’t I just order directly from IKEA for pick up?

Unfortunately IKEA is not set up this way and online orders are assembled and shipped from a supply warehouse and not in store.  


How do I get my items from you once you return?

We schedule a pickup in a convenient location the evening we return as well as the next day. On Quadra Island orders are available to be picked up from me.  Powell River orders are brought over on the Thursday after the trip.

Alternatively, we offer home delivery for a flat rate of $20.


My order is missing a piece, contains a broken part, or just doesn’t work for my space. What can you do to help?

We offer easy hassle free returns. Our policies are outlined here.


Can you stop at Solly’s, the ReStore, Whole Foods, Voyageur Soap, my storage unit?

We make these stops and more all over the Greater Vancouver area for you.  Most stops begin at $30.


Where can I find out when your next trips are?

Just click the calendar in the sidebar and it will take you to the Events page where you will find the schedule of all of our trips.  You can also subscribe to our calendars with Google Calendar and iCal.