about us

We are an islander family; Audrey, Jamie, Lucien, Asher, Hazel and Ursa. We have made our cargo van a trusted delivery vessel for a decade and we are very adept (because we enjoy it) at bringing people their grocery orders, IKEA items, or anything from our routes.

 We are very proud to be a whole family business as our family has grown from one child to four.  Hazel was delivering packages, as a passenger mind you, since she was two days old!

We are a playful and joyous bunch, and we take our delivering of goods to your home seriously.  It is our delight, in fact.  Each one of us enjoy a good brain tease and scavenger hunt, which tracking down orders can sometimes be.  Our skills and pleasures are diverse; We bake! We school at home (and on the road)! We love to read! We garden (summertime specialty; rhubarb syrup for pancakes and sparkling drinks)!

But most of all, we have so much fun being creative and we have found developing our business, Ferry Godmother Delivery, to be a great way to share it.

Thank you for joining us!