Some of my favourite cheap, simple, and hackable Ikea items.

Over the past four years that I have been shopping at Ikea on a regular basis I have been building an unofficial list in my head of my favourite cheap Ikea buys and I decided that it was finally the time to make this list official by making a blog post of it.   What are some of your favourite items?


  1. Lack Side Table $12.99

Lack-offline                                                                                   A favourite of Ikea hackers, this table functions in a number of places including the living room, bedroom, on the patio and even in the garage at the end of it’s life.











2. Pressa $5.99  socktopus6495594187_35fb4271cb

These hangers are great for diapers, socks, and more.  I have

used these at home and while camping.







3. Bevara   $1.99/30


Sealing Clip for half used bags. I have seen this EXACT same product in a certain direct sales kitchen catalogue for more than three times the Ikea price.








4. Kallax    $59.99-$229images

Shelf unit with square foot openings.  From 2’x2′ to 5’x5′, Ikea has

plenty of bins and doors available for customization.









5. Bygel Rail   $2.99railandbasketcollage

Add cups, hooks, and baskets for reducing clutter in every room

of the house.









6. Ribba Frames $4.99-$24.99

ribba-frame-walnut-effect__0123067_pe241570_s4 ribba-frame__0123081_PE264866_S4These frames are simple, versatile, and come in a large array of sizes for all of your framing needs.










7. Fluns $1.49/4 pack $_1 (1)

Cheap, cardboard, and great to have a few hanging around for a quick

cleanup of papers or magazines.  These magazine holders can easily be

decorated or coloured to suit your needs.







8. Ordning  $4.99-$6.99

If you enjoy having your guests search uselessly for your utensils by storing them on the counter (as in my house) then the Ordning is for you.  If you would rather use it around the house for other items or as a lamp shade or even a hobo stove, well it is for you too!













9.Skubb $5.99-$17.99

These simple drawer organizers can be used all over the house for organizing in the laundry room, office, bathroom, and more.  Common hacks include a do it yourself lightbox and deck planters.

dresser-drawer IMG_3608




10.  Signum $12.99

Holds a power bar and provides prongs for you to wrap your cords around. ’nuff said. Well, it was until I found the pic on the right.