of gas caps, gas stations, and nice people

IMG_20160209_133053On my way to Vancouver on Sunday morning I  accidentally left my gas cap behind after pumping gas in Courtenay.  I was just too excited I guess.  I didn’t discover this until I was well on my way and a well meaning passing car alerted me to the fact I had left the flap open as well.  I knew I was going to be back in Courtenay on Thursday so I called the station and asked them to locate and hold the cap for me until then.  Yeah, problem solved.  Well, I completely forgot about it until just now (aforementioned Thursday) when I stopped for gas (again in Courtenay) and as I was getting out of my van remembered that I had not grabbed my cap as promised.  I got all panicky because I was just about to get on another ferry and I didn’t want to be without a cap any longer. That is until I opened the flap only to find that when I had stopped for gas at a full serve Husky in Coquitlam on Monday the gentleman who pumped my gas also provided me with a complimentary cap.  I was so excited I burst out the entire story to the person next to me pumping gas as well.   #talkintostrangers #payitforward #chickenscominghometoroost